Wednesday, November 15, 2017

VA Dementia Patient Gone Missing

A 71-year-old patient at a Veterans Administration facility in Pittsburgh has gone missing and an  alarm has been sounded because he suffers from severe dementia.
According to a VA spokeswoman the patient left a clinic in the city's Oakland section at 4:35 p.m. today and, despite a search of the area, could not be located. She identified the patient as George Warheit.
He is 5'8'' and weighs 140 pounds. He is wearing large glasses and has grey hair and a moustache.
Spokeswoman Kathleen Pomorski said concern has been heightened due to falling temperatures and rain.
She said anyone with information about the patient's whereabouts should contact VA Police at 412-360-6911.
He was wearing dungarees, a brown coat and black boots.
The VA spokeswoman said information provided following a public appeal which produce muliple tips now being pursued by law enforcement and other agencies.

Available photographs of Mr. Warheit are copied below. The second, clearer photo shows a younger Mr. Warheit. He now has gray hair and a gray moustache.


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